How to boost your personal productivity?

I published a new blog post on the company blog; “How to boost your personal productivity?”. It describes a combination of Personal Kanban and Pomodoro, and how this works well for me. It’s written in Norwegian, and you can read it in full-length here: For my English-speaking readers, I recommend reading the article that inspired me to combine these techniques: reading “How to boost your personal productivity?”

Customizing your Kanban board

Lately, I have seen several blog posts and twitter chats emphasizing the importance of customizing your Kanban board. This applies everywhere, no matter if you use a straightforward linear Kanban board, networked Kanban or even your own personal Kanban – you need visualize the flow so that it fits the way you work. This is quite obvious. After all, it’s one ofContinue reading “Customizing your Kanban board”

Using Kanban in retrospectives

I remember reading about the Lean Coffee movement. Inspired by their totally open meeting format, I figured this could be an excellent alternative for our retrospectives. Lean Coffee meetings use Kanban to structure their meetings, they democratize their meetings to learn and discover things about what they don’t know – as well as exploring further what they already know.Continue reading “Using Kanban in retrospectives”

Kanban for portfolio management

Yesterday, I published a blog post about using Kanban for portfolio management on my company’s blog. It’s in Norwegian, so here’s a brief summary for my English speaking audience. I work closely with my customer’s project department, and I believe they could benefit from using Kanban for project portfolio management. Here’s an example of aContinue reading “Kanban for portfolio management”

Estimating software projects

My Twitter stream flooded with estimation related topics yesterday. We’re currently starting up a new project, so the timing was perfect and the topic highly relevant. Here are some recommended blog posts from yesterday on the topic: Estimation is at the root of most software project failuresIn this blog post Rob Bowley explains why we’ll never beContinue reading “Estimating software projects”

Kanban and Scrum after 500 tweets

I joined Twitter June 22, 2010, so, needless to say, I was not an early adaptor. Nevertheless, I just passed 500 tweets, and most of my tweets are somehow related to agile development, so did I come across something useful? The answer is yes, and I believe it’s an appropriate time to reflect – focusing on Kanban and Scrum this time. During thisContinue reading “Kanban and Scrum after 500 tweets”

Improve team performance – seek inspiration elsewhere

As a teacher, my wife had to step in to avoid a conflict among sixth graders at school. She told me that she would let her students come up with different solutions on how to solve this conflict the following day. I mentioned briefly that she, in this particular case, could use a retrospective techniqueContinue reading “Improve team performance – seek inspiration elsewhere”