Effective meetings – is it possible?

How does the culture in your organization go along with possibility of achieving effective meetings? A month back I wrote a post at the company blog about this, why it might be difficult, and how to improve it. If you understand Norwegian you can read it here:https://blogg.bekk.no/er-effektive-m%C3%B8ter-i-det-hele-tatt-mulig-i-din-organisasjon-6fa94e8f19a9 Disclaimer: This blogpost was originally published on aContinue reading “Effective meetings – is it possible?”

Agile and congruent leadership

You’re a leader in your organization, and you want to improve efficiency. You think you want an “agile transformation”, because you heard others have been successful with it. Then remember this:Agile is not just a label you just put on the development department. Agile is a behavior and should affect everything you do. So ifContinue reading “Agile and congruent leadership”

One word: Feedback

With all the different management models out there, chances are you’ve come across a model that can help you solve or improve a particular problem. From a bird’s perspective, they might look simple, but to fully grasp how to apply them in your organization, you need a deeper understanding than you can get from only reading aContinue reading “One word: Feedback”

How to boost your personal productivity? (English version)

A while ago, I wrote a blog post in Norwegian about how to improve your personal productivity, by combining Personal Kanban and Pomodoro. This blog post was recently published as an article, in English, by ProgramUtvikling in their magazine – The Developer (No 1, 2012). Read the full article:  Take a look, and let me know what you think! Page 1:Continue reading “How to boost your personal productivity? (English version)”

A simple tip for more efficient standups

A while ago, I was asked for advice on how a team could improve efficiency on standup meetings. The team was growing, and their standups were taking an increasingly amount of time. I didn’t have much time looking into why this happened, so I simply suggested they could try walk the board instead of using the traditional Scrum meeting.Continue reading “A simple tip for more efficient standups”