Agile and congruent leadership

You’re a leader in your organization, and you want to improve efficiency. You think you want an “agile transformation”, because you heard others have been successful with it.

Then remember this:
Agile is not just a label you just put on the development department. Agile is a behavior and should affect everything you do.

So if you’re still up for the “agile transformation”, then it’s your job, as a leader, to do whatever is in your power to pave the way for every team, project or department, so that they can carry on with their agile transformation.

Start by truly understanding how agile works and how it affects the organization. Be congruent in actions and words. Ask for elements that are in harmony with agile. Don’t ask for reports, estimates or commitments from a bygone era, just so your way of reporting upwards in the organization is easier. Take that fight yourself. Show that you have confidence in your people. Give honest feedback.

Agile transformation is more than words, it’s behavior, and it affects the entire organization. Start by changing your own behavior.

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