Effective meetings – is it possible?

How does the culture in your organization go along with possibility of achieving effective meetings? A month back I wrote a post at the company blog about this, why it might be difficult, and how to improve it. If you understand Norwegian you can read it here:https://blogg.bekk.no/er-effektive-m%C3%B8ter-i-det-hele-tatt-mulig-i-din-organisasjon-6fa94e8f19a9 Disclaimer: This blogpost was originally published on aContinue reading “Effective meetings – is it possible?”

Agile and congruent leadership

You’re a leader in your organization, and you want to improve efficiency. You think you want an “agile transformation”, because you heard others have been successful with it. Then remember this:Agile is not just a label you just put on the development department. Agile is a behavior and should affect everything you do. So ifContinue reading “Agile and congruent leadership”

One word: Feedback

With all the different management models out there, chances are you’ve come across a model that can help you solve or improve a particular problem. From a bird’s perspective, they might look simple, but to fully grasp how to apply them in your organization, you need a deeper understanding than you can get from only reading aContinue reading “One word: Feedback”