One word: Feedback

With all the different management models out there, chances are you’ve come across a model that can help you solve or improve a particular problem. From a bird’s perspective, they might look simple, but to fully grasp how to apply them in your organization, you need a deeper understanding than you can get from only reading a book. You need hands-on experience.

This triggers a question: How do you apply a generic model you don’t even understand the complete extent of, to a specific situation of high complexity?

Normally, when you get a question like this, you know you won’t get an answer in just one sentence. But the answer can be rather simple, actually just a single word: Feedback.

It doesn’t matter what the model is for and what it is designed to solve, but once you decide to give it a try, remember this: Get the feedback you need, as fast as you can, so that you’re able to take corrective actions. The more complex the situation is, the faster you need feedback.

No feedback is synonymous with failure, and the model certainly won’t do you any good. You need hands-on experience and you need feedback, that’s how you truly understand how to apply the model.

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  1. Word of the day: Feedback

    I was just thinking earlier today about all the methodology-fuzz the last years. We can discuss theories all we want, but it´s not worth anything without the learning you get from “feedback”.

    I thought I´s never say this, but I´ve moved beyond agile, scrum and whatever we call it. Too much talk about tools and techniques, and too little about understanding why. We need to go back to where we startet and understand what we are trying to achieve. And the only way to get there is through real life feedback.

    Once we have defined how to measure our goals and how we experiment to get real feedback as often as possible, the rest will follow.

    Thanks, Jørn!

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