How to boost your personal productivity? (English version)

A while ago, I wrote a blog post in Norwegian about how to improve your personal productivity, by combining Personal Kanban and Pomodoro. This blog post was recently published as an article, in English, by ProgramUtvikling in their magazine – The Developer (No 1, 2012).

Read the full article: The-Developer-1-2012.pdf
(Page 12-16 according to table of contents, page 7-8 in the PDF.)

Take a look, and let me know what you think!

Page 1

Page 2

Please note that you always can read the latest number of The Developer here.

Comment on “How to boost your personal productivity? (English version)”

  1. ylvalia says:

    Excellent article and blog (that you tipped me about months ago, but that I for some reason have completely overlooked). It´s been a good while since I worked on an agile development project now, but reading your blog made my fingers (and mind) itch!

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