Effective meetings – is it possible?

How does the culture in your organization go along with possibility of achieving effective meetings?

Agile and congruent leadership

You’re a leader in your organization, and you want to improve efficiency. You think you want an “agile transformation”, because you heard others have been successful with it. Then remember this: Agile is not just a label you just put on the development department. Agile is a behavior and should affect everything you do. So […]

One word: Feedback

You need feedback in order to get true hands-on experience, and you need hands-on experience to truly understand how to apply a management model in an organization.

Kanban for portfolio management

Yesterday, I published a blog post about using Kanban for portfolio management on my company’s blog. http://open.bekk.no/kanban-pa-portefoljeniva/ It’s in Norwegian, so here’s a brief summary for my English speaking audience. I work closely with my customer’s project department, and I believe they could benefit from using Kanban for project portfolio management. Here’s an example of […]

Kanban workshop with David Anderson

By using a Kanban board game, David Anderson demonstrated Kanban in an engaging and fun way when he visited BEKK last week. I’ve publised some of my notes on the company blog, so read on if you’d like to know more.