Talking with carpenters

We are currently renovating an entire floor at home, and yesterday I tweeted about a Kanban board I put up for my carpenters. This was only meant as a “joke”, of course, but it generated some feedback and therefore, upon request, I share the board with you: The intention was not to create a complete […]

Exploring WIP limits

A huge team effort at the end of the sprint was the only reason we finished our user stories just in time for demo, but the hurry was at the expense of quality. By introducing WIP limits, the team effort was more evenly distributed over time – and the quality improved.

A simple tip for more efficient standups

Inefficient standups? Here’s one simple tip for improving efficiency without killing creativity and good team spirit.

Customizing your Kanban board

When creating a Kanban board, you visualize the flow so that it fits the way you work. Still, it’s easy to get stuck in old habits and you end up with a Kanban board that doesn’t support the way you work. Here are some ideas!